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Welcome to my artblog, this blog is safe for work, although I may occasionally upload non-sexual nudes. I also draw gore occasionally.

All will be tagged appropriately so feel free to tumblr savior things you don't want to see. If you upload my artwork elsewhere please do not claim as your own, and please link back. That's all I ask <3

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    Even if the jokes aren&#8217;t necessarily rape jokes, they&#8217;re still jokes about sexual harassment and her name itself is a joke about molestation. 
It&#8217;s not okay.

    Even if the jokes aren’t necessarily rape jokes, they’re still jokes about sexual harassment and her name itself is a joke about molestation. 

    It’s not okay.

    #Down with Molestia #Down with Molestia 2013 #princess celestia #mlp #my little pony
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      Stop whining. It gets old after a while.
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      oh please, any parental control would block this. most of the stuff you’re complaining about would be blocked by any...
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      fair enough, but it only affects your dashboard. Also, what parent is going to keep their kid from visiting a website...
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