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Welcome to my artblog, this blog is safe for work, although I may occasionally upload non-sexual nudes. I also draw gore occasionally.

All will be tagged appropriately so feel free to tumblr savior things you don't want to see. If you upload my artwork elsewhere please do not claim as your own, and please link back. That's all I ask <3

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    I’m doing some sale stuff cause I had to give almost all my paycheck to my mom for bills n junk and there are some things that I need to save up for! 

    Full Body like the Fluttershy: $18
    Full Body Speedpaints like the second piece: $15 

    And Busts like the last two: $8 

    get ‘em while they’re lukewarm! 

    I can do furries and ponies for the most part! Message me if you’ve got any questions! 

    #princess celestia #princess luna #fluttershy #commissions #examples
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